About My Two Left Feet

When a born and bred California boy decides to follow dance wherever it may take him, life all of a sudden becomes a lot more exciting.  My Two Left Feet chronicles the adventures and insights of a guy who fell in love with dance and allowed it take him to the most unexpected places.

About the boy: Brian Schaefer grew up outside Los Angeles, CA.  As a student at UC San Diego, he discovered dance and, at the last possible minute, declared it his second major, stayed a fifth year, and has never looked back.

Brian started as a Dance Critic for SanDiego.com.  In 2007, he received a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship in Arts Journalism to study Dance Criticism at the American Dance Festival in Durham, North Carolina.

From 2007-2010, he worked as the Program & Audience Development Manager for ArtPower! at UC San Diego, the university’s multi-arts presenting program (which includes an international contemporary dance series) and the Dance Writer for San Diego News Network.

From there, he took a leap of faith, followed dance (and a few other reasons) to the other side of the world and started from scratch in Tel Aviv, Israel as a 2010-2011 Dorot Fellow, exploring Israeli society through the lens of dance and volunteering with the Suzanne Dellal Centre for Dance & Theatre, the country’s largest presenter of dance.

The strange part is that, following his fellowship, he didn’t leave.  He’s still in Tel Aviv, still seeing a LOT of dance, contributing to numerous publications about dance in Israel, including the New York Times and Dance Magazine, and is now a Member of the Board of the Dance Critics Association which requires him to wake up at 3:30am once a month to participate in conference calls.  He is also pursuing his Masters in Literature/Writing at Bar Ilan University

4 thoughts on “About My Two Left Feet”

  1. Beau Casey said:

    This is BRILLIANT!! Love you blog!

  2. Carolyn Passeneau said:

    Wonderful work, Brian!

  3. Brian, your insight about young children is spectacular!

  4. Y. Ben-David said:

    I discovered your blog through your fine column about making aliyah. We came 25 years ago, also from southern California and have never looked back. We are Orthodox/religious and I can tell you there is a lot of interest in dance in this community. I have two daughters who are receiving college degrees in dance education through a religious women’s college.
    We wish you the best!

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